Memberships are required. Our goal at Fiat is to offer affordable health care without compromising the quality of care each unique individual deserves. We offer several payment options to fit various needs. If you are experiencing financial hardship we are happy to discuss payment options, simply email


Individual: $20/month
Family: $60/month
$99 enrollment fee per family

Adult Well Visit: $175

Child Well Visit: $125

Sick visit, follow-up, telehealth: $75

What Your Membership Fees Pay For:

  • Personal, attentive care from people who genuinely know and care about you and your family.• Integrative Medical Services.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments (whenever possible).• Minimal or no wait time.
  • 24 hour ability to email or text to your provider. • 24 hour on call phone service.
  • Direct phone access to the office staff during office hours (no outside call services used for scheduling).
  • Top of the line Electronic Medical Record software.


Individual: $90/mo
Family (2 adults and 2 kids): $180/mo | Child add-on: $20/mo
$99 enrollment fee per family

Premium Membership includes:

  • Comprehensive annual physical and routine lab work (CBC, FT4, TSH, Lipids, HgA1c, and Vitamin D)
  • All in house labs (strep, flu, urinalysis)
  • Any procedures done such as wart removal, pap smear, or stitches
  • Unlimited visits and follow-ups.
  • Same day or next day appointments.
  • Unlimited direct access to your doctor via phone, text, email, and video.


$130 per Session (50 minutes per session)