Counseling Services

Counseling provides a space to focus on desired life changes. This may include strengthening relationships and emotional growth and healing. All counselors customize each session to meet your unique needs and challenges. Fiat Integrative Health counseling seeks to reorient clients to the true nature of who God created them to be. We seek to be a source of accompaniment grounded in the timeless truth of the Gospel.


  • Individual counseling ages 14+

  • Marriage counseling


  • 1 session (50 minutes)  $130


Anyone seeking to be the best version of themselves can benefit from counseling. The most common topics we explore:

  • Marital/Relationship problems (couples or solo spouse)
  • Emotional Problems
  • Understanding and Establishing Healthy Boundaries
  • Family-of-Origin Issues
  • Recovery from trauma
  • Sexual Problems (individual and marital)
  • Behavioral Addictions/Compulsions
  • Personal Growth
  • Grief

The mental health providers at Fiat Integrative Health personalize your counseling based on your concerns and goals. The team uses many techniques and tools. Types of counseling include:

  • Individual counseling. Individual counseling is one-on-one talk therapy between you and your therapist.
  • Group counseling. Group counseling gives people struggling with similar problems a chance to share their experiences and strategies for coping. A counselor moderates these meetings.
  • Marriage counseling. Fiat Integrative Health also provides marriage counseling, helping couples improve communication to resolve conflict.

The specifics of your counseling at Fiat Integrative Health depend on your unique circumstances. The first step is a comprehensive initial evaluation to develop your personalized treatment plan. Your treatment plan may include weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Each session is 50 minutes long.



Lucy Bordiuk

Clinical Mental Health Counselor 

Mental Health