The word “fiat” in Latin means “let it be done.” At Fiat Integrative Health, we say “let it be done” to health in every respect—body, mind, and soul.

A woman runs her hand through the end of wheat plants

What “Fiat” means

This word is most well known as Mary’s answer to the angel Gabriel when he asked her to become the mother of God. The word “fiat” can embody our own “yes” to God. Fiat Integrative Health is our “yes” to the working of God in our lives and hearts. Yes to stepping out in faith and doing something new. Yes to seeking out our God-given purpose and mission. Yes to searching and standing for truth no matter the cost. Most importantly, yes to all the souls we have been called to serve in our corner of the world. We are grateful for our unique call and the courage to say yes.

Why now?

Nashville is a rapidly growing city. As more families move into the community, there is a growing demand for more access to family medicine and primary care. Despite a large concentration of medical providers in the Nashville area, it is difficult to find trusted providers who respect patient autonomy and the dignity of the human person from conception to death. Now more than ever families are seeking medical providers they can trust and a place where they feel heard and respected.

A Higher Standard

As healthcare is increasingly centralized, the standard for how patients and providers are treated has been lowered. Our standard for patient care and provider value will not be based on profit or revenue or patient volume. Our standard is based on the dignity of the human person, respecting both patients and providers alike. We promise our patients excellent and compassionate care, from birth to death. We promise our providers a work-life balance and a supportive team. We enable our providers to continue their journey as lifelong learners with meaningful continuing education and encourage openness to new ideas and perspectives.