Women’s Health

Each woman is a unique individual, deserving of an individualized evaluation and treatment plan. Our providers do not ignore or band-aid symptoms, but seek to find the root cause of female hormone imbalances. Women’s health typically requires an in-depth evaluation with specialty lab work and exams. Our practitioners have been trained by leading women’s health educators, including FEMM and Napro Technology.

Our women’s health services are a specialty outside of our primary care services. You do not need a membership to be seen by our Women’s Health Providers.


  • PCOS

  • Abnormal Cycles

  • Infertility

  • Recurrent Miscarriages

  • Thyroid Disorders

  • Premenstrual Syndrome

  • Anxiety

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy for Perimenopause and Menopause

  • Depression (including postpartum)

  • Fatigue

  • Painful periods

  • Migraines

  • Low Progesterone

  • Breastfeeding Issues

  • and more


$200/mo includes follow-up appointments and two holistic health coaching sessions per month.


Our women’s health membership is separate from our direct primary care membership. You do not have to be a direct primary care member to join our women’s health membership. There is no enrollment fee, but you must first have an initial evaluation ($250) before enrolling in a membership. The membership includes all of your follow up visits and two health coaching sessions per month with our holistic health coach, Greta Carswell.

Amanda Frederick, FNP is a certified NaPro Technology nurse practitioner. You can learn more about Napro Technology here (hyperlink: https://naprotechnology.com/about/)

Madeline Amend, FNP is a certified FEMM teacher and medical provider. You can learn more about FEMM here (hyperlink: https://femmhealth.org/about-us/)

No, we do not prescribe birth control for family planning purposes.

Yes, you can use your insurance to pay for labs and outside testing.

We utilize specialty blood tests, sometimes drawn on specific days of your cycle. We also utilize the DUTCH test. You can find more about the DUTCH test here (https://dutchtest.com/)

The initial evaluation typically lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. It involves a thorough health history, review of any previous labs or records, and a brief physical exam.

Madeline Amend, FNP is a certified FEMM teacher and Amanda Frederick, FNP is a certified Creighton Model teacher. We also recommend https://www.mmnfp.com/learn for an online option.

Menopause and the years leading up to menopause can come with an array of uncomfortable symptoms including hot flashes, emotional symptoms, low libido, and many others. Many perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms are caused by low estradiol, progesterone, DHEAS and testosterone levels or other abnormal lab values. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) involves the use of hormones that are identical to those hormones that the body naturally makes. Unlike patented chemically altered synthetic hormones, natural or bio-identical hormones cannot be patented because they are identical to what the body makes. At Fiat, every woman is treated as an individual. During a BHRT appointment, our provider takes a detailed history and physical. In addition, lab work is ordered and done periodically so that we can help improve symptoms (and quality of life) by replacing only enough bio-identical hormones to meet natural physiologic levels. This leads to a taylor-made approach to hormone replacement therapy that is individual specific where women can feel better with fewer side effects. The end goal is always improvement in quality of life. We do not stop treating until you feel better. Many women in this stage of life also benefit from lifestyle modifications and supplementation with vitamins and herbs to alleviate symptoms.


Madeline Amend, FNP

Madeline Amend

Family Nurse Practitioner

Adult Primary Care, Women’s Health
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Amanda Frederick

Family Nurse Practitioner

Women’s Health


“Amanda is an outstanding Nurse Practitioner and NaPro provider! I cannot say enough positive things about her and my deep gratitude for her care. I have no doubt that it was God’s Providence that brought us together! Amanda is compassionate and intentional in her listening, willing to discuss and dialogue with her clients, and passionate about educating women about their intelligently designed bodies to help them achieve optimal health and functioning, especially related to fertility. Thanks to Amanda’s expertise in her field and keen attention to details I have made it through a successful and healthy first trimester of pregnancy after experiencing multiple early losses in the past. She took my various hormonal levels very seriously when evaluating my maternal health, where previous providers did not. As a result Amanda was able to identify some suboptimal levels and treat them accordingly with continued diligence and monitoring. Her commitment to learning, knowledge, research and study, along with her own personal experience, sets her at the top of her field of practice. Amanda is truly gifted professional in her calling! I have referred several friends to her because of the exceptional care she provides and expertise she brings to the table.” (Former patient)

“Our family have been patients of Amanda Frederick since 2018. Primarily, we saw her for NaPro care, including training in the method of charting, and management of fertility issues. To make a long story short, some women can conceive and deliver without any difficulty, and some have multiple miscarriages and difficulty in this regard. She diagnosed and helped us treat hormonal deficiencies, along with thyroid management. We would not have our second and third children without her care and diligence. She focuses on getting to the root of an issue rather than simply offering palliative solutions, and her attention to detail, knowledge, compassion, and ability to listen to her patients and not dismiss their input or concerns, make her a fantastic exemplar of all that is finest in the medical profession. She was also flexible, and able to work with us and our schedules, whenever possible. We saw her many times both in-office and virtually via secure video consult. She was also very quick to respond when we had questions or concerns, which is of paramount importance when dealing with high-risk pregnancies/history of early miscarriages. We were happy to drive 45 minutes to an hour (one way) to visit her, and she will be greatly missed.” (Former patient)