Holistic Health Coaching

A holistic health coach empowers individuals to take control of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health to create balance, improve wellness, and feel their best.

Coaches offer a safe space for conversation and exploration, for goal setting and accountability, for support and encouragement. Health coaches work with you to gain clarity on YOUR vision of true health and wellness and guide you in creating and achieving specific goals to bring that vision to life.

Jumpstart Your Journey To True Health & Wellness

Looking to take action and make real progress toward your wellness goals? This Jumpstart program will guide you in defining your wellness vision, support you in setting realistic goals, and empower you to make sustainable shifts that lead to long-term healthy changes. Your journey starts with a free hour-long session to evaluate where you are and get clear on where you want to be. In our follow-up sessions, we’ll deep dive into your vision and set goals that are unique to you and what you value most. You can complete your sessions in six weeks, three months, or somewhere in between. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to health, so your health coaching program is just that – it’s totally yours.


Holistic health coaching is a whole person, client-directed process that’s tailor-made to help you identify, explore, and reach your health and wellness goals.

As the client, you call the shots! I’m there to guide and support – you choose the direction and focus of each session.

I work with teenage girls and women.

A holistic health coach partners with you in your journey to true health and wellness. We’ll work together to help you figure out what the best next steps in your health journey might be. Think of me as a sounding board and an accountability partner. I won’t tell you what to do but will actively listen, ask questions, and guide you in determining what you need to do to heal yourself by yourself. And I will empower and motivate you all along the way.

The sky’s the limit! While not a substitute for primary healthcare, health coaching is a great complement to various physical and mental health services such as counseling, physical therapy, chiropractics, and primary care. Health coaching can help you manage chronic health conditions, implement recommendations from other healthcare providers, maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle, and so much more.

Nope. Absolutely not…. JUST KIDDING! Health coaching has the potential to benefit everyone who’s ready and willing to make healthy lifestyle changes. True health and wellness embodies so much more than just physical health – this is where the “holistic” in holistic health coaching comes in. Holistic health coaching empowers you to take control of emotional, mental, and spiritual health, in addition to your physical health.

Everything in your life – not just the food on your plate – has the potential to nourish you. Generally, holistic health coaching helps you create balance. A balanced life looks different for everyone but may involve improving relationships, reducing and/or managing stress, increasing motivation, or prioritizing emotional and mental well-being.

Simply put, health coaching with Greta has a similar vibe to sharing a cup of coffee with a friend you’re getting to know. We’ll sit in comfortable chairs in a homey office (or we can meet virtually) and spend an hour chatting about where you are and get clear on where you want to be. From there, we’ll schedule follow-up sessions which have the same coffee-chat vibe with the added element of honing in on your goals and creating action plans to help you reach them.

Send Greta an email at gcarswell@fiathealth.org to schedule your first (free!) session.

Holistic health coaching is one of Greta’s favorite things to talk about, so just send her an email at gcarswell@fiathealth.org. Or if texting is more your speed, feel free to send a message to (615) 651-6906.


Greta Carswell, RN

Greta Carswell

Registered Nurse

Health Coach


“Greta was able to help me work toward my goals by meeting where I was, supporting me with making realistic and achievable goals, encouraging me through the steps, and holding me accountable. I now feel less ‘stuck’ and am able to achieve goals that I set my mind to. Before going through the health coaching program, I didn’t work on goals that I’d wanted to address for a long time because I was afraid of failing. Now I’m open to trying and working toward new goals. Greta is dependable, encouraging, and patient. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling that they would like to make tangible changes and have a desire to prioritize their health and wellness.” ~ Shannon W.

“I am so grateful for my time coaching with Greta. Not only did she meet me right where I was gently and lovingly, it felt like she joined my journey alongside me. She walked with me with no judgement so I could show up authentically and I felt so supported and encouraged. The way Greta approached coaching helped me self-reflect with curiosity instead of shame and I was able to really dig in with love and acceptance for myself which gave me space to make great progress. With every challenge I brought to the table, Greta helped me break it down, make a plan that actually felt doable for me, and then showed up with kind accountability and also redirection when needed. Coaching with Greta feels like having a guide, a cheerleader, and a friend all in one. She brought wisdom, encouragement, and love to every session and that was the perfect recipe for me to flourish and move through obstacles. I’m amazed to look back and see the growth and progress I was able to make and the peace I felt through the whole process. Greta truly has a gift for connection and encouragement and I am so very grateful for her heart and spirit!” ~ Joy L.