Breastfeeding Medicine

Breastfeeding is the biological norm and at Fiat we seek to optimize the health of both mother and baby in order to maximize the success of the breastfeeding relationship.

Research has demonstrated the invaluable nutritional, physiological, and psychological benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child. Our approach involves comprehensive lactation support as well as quick and thorough diagnosis of medical problems in mother and baby that may impact breastfeeding. Some common issues that affect breastfeeding are hormonal imbalances, thyroid or other endocrine problems and infections in mom and tongue and lip ties, body tension and the effects of gestational age/birth circumstances in a baby.  Amanda Frederick, FNP, IBCLC can assist with a variety of issues that mothers and their breastfeeding children face including weak or absent latch, low milk supply, maternal breastfeeding pain, nipple injuries and so much more. The initial consultation involves a thorough history as well as a lactation evaluation for mother and baby including pertinent physical exam. Prenatal breastfeeding consultations to prepare for breastfeeding are also available upon request.



One initial evaluation with 1-2 follow-ups should be expected.


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Amanda Frederick

Family Nurse Practitioner

Women’s Health


“I did a consult with Amanda when my 4 month old daughter started to lose weight (she was exclusively breastfeed).  Amanda was very prompt and thorough in her treatments.  Including of course very frequent baby weight checks.  She created personal pumping and feeding schedules, supplement regimen, as well as an actual breastfeeding consult with my daughter.  She truly gave me every last fighting chance I had to get my supply back up (she had tons of tips and tricks to try!).  I was pregnant at the time with my second so at last my body did not comply.  But with Amanda’s help, I was able to cope knowing I had done everything I could. She also provided breastfeeding support with my second child which led to a very successful breastfeeding career for my second!” (Former patient)